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Developing drill ready targets through rigorous and methodical ‘boots on-ground’ exploration

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Who We Are

Bowgan Minerals Limited is an unlisted (private equity-funded) exploration company formed in 2009.

Actively exploring for gold, silver, base-metals, uranium and diamonds in the Northern Territory of Australia since 2009.

Multidisciplinary approach which incorporates trialling of new and innovative technologies, concepts and validation methods aimed at de-risking exploration targets. To date, this work has confirmed more than 20 targets that are drill-ready.

Our field operations are based out of Alice Springs and also involve employment of local indigenous field staff.

Three key exploration projects:

1. Bowgan project is our flagship, located in the Barkly Tablelands region of the Northern Territory. This is an advanced exploration project with a number of drill-ready uranium/REE, copper and base-metal targets.

2. Neutral Junction project is in the vicinity of Barrow Creek. This advanced exploration project with a number of drill-ready copper, gold and base-metal targets was successfully sold to Eastern Metals with the deal completing in November 2022. 

3. Jervois project is a developing copper and base-metal exploration project located near KGL’s Jervois high-grade copper project.

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Bowgan Minerals Limited was established in 2009 to identify new and exciting mineral exploration opportunities in under-explored parts of the Northern Territory and has the following aims:

1) To generate new projects in prospective terrains, not recycle old ones,

2) To conduct detailed, rigorous and methodical ‘boots on-ground’ exploration,

3) To develop smaller tenement packages, with a more focussed and detailed approach,

4) To conduct exploration in a targeted and cost-effective manner using private equity funding,

5) To use a multidisciplinary approach with regards to our exploration, including the trialling of new and innovative technologies, concepts and methods,

6) To de-risk projects to the point where they are drill-ready prior to fund-raising,

7) To create opportunities for local participation, especially with regard to indigenous employment opportunities.


Company history

Bowgan Minerals Limited was established at a time when there was little greenfield exploration happening in the Northern Territory.

During the last capital boom which ended around 2012, the majority of exploration funding was focussed on brownfield projects resulting in unacceptably low returns on investment.

Bowgan Minerals Limited worked against the trend of brownfield investment believing that the significantly greater value would be developing through identifying and de-risking greenfield projects.

Over the last 13 years Bowgan Minerals Limited has developed 3 new and prospective exploration projects in the Northern Territory.


All 3 projects present a number of de-risked and drill-ready targets, across a range of commodities developed through a rigorous, boot-on-ground approach involving multiple exploration methodologies. This approach has resulted in new exploration target models unique to each project.

Our science driven, cost effective approach 

Unlike the traditional approach of leasing huge tenement packages where the target generation stage is driven primarily by regional geophysical surveying and rapid interpretation through the application of a massive exploration budget, Bowgan Minerals has developed a focused and cost-effective methodology.

Our approach is different, and involves more rigorous selection of smaller and more manageable tenement areas, where we aim to apply a higher degree of exploration focus over a longer timeframe.


We believe that new exploration targets in greenfield terrains take a longer timeframe than one capital cycle to identify and de-risk.

This exploration philosophy that has been running for the last 13, years has resulted in the identification of more than 20 drill-ready targets






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Key Projects in Progress

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Exploration Licenses

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Chairman Gary Price (BSc.Geol, MSc.Env.Sc.)


Gary is a highly experienced field geologist with more than 25 years of experience in the mining, exploration and agricultural research fields in Australia and overseas. 


Gary moved to Alice Springs in 2005 to explore for Gold for Giants Reef in Tennant Creek. He subsequently went on to manage two NT exploration projects for Mega Hindmarsh Pty Limited and then contracts for Emmerson Resources (Tennant Creek field), Cameco Australia (Angela Pamela) and KGL Resources (Jervois project).

Gary was instrumental in the formation of Bowgan Minerals Limited during 2009 to generate and develop mineral exploration opportunities in previously unexplored terrains.


Bowgan Minerals continues to base all its operations in Alice Springs and currently operate three exploration projects, all located here in the Northern Territory. Gary is a member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) and the Australian Institute of Geosciences(AIG).


Neutral Junction



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447 Kent Street Sydney, NSW, 2000


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Bowgan Minerals supports the Geological, Exploration and Mining Services Association NT (GEMSA NT) in promoting opportunities for local contractors and suppliers with our exploration efforts

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